Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis

As your Microscopist, I will evaluate and explain in detail your blood’s health through Live and Dry Blood Analysis. I work alongside your health care team to assist you in bringing balance to the blood by offering dietary and lifestyle recommendations which will affect your overall health.


You will see for yourself exactly what your blood looks like through a highly magnified specialized microscope.


Diane Drouin-Poulin is a Certified Microscopist, and holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Biology. She has had 20 years of experience in the natural health field. Her office is located in Guelph.  She is currently working on her Holistic Nutritionist Certification. Diane also works out of Kitchener at Belmont Natural Health and Robin's Nest Family Care Clinic in Guelph.


What Can a Drop of Blood Reveal?

Immune system status // Digestive and intestinal health // Liver, spleen, heart and pancreatic stress // Lymphatic congestion Vitamin and mineral deficiencies // Hormonal imbalances // Bacterial and fungal infections // Heavy metal toxicity // pH imbalances Blood congestion

What Can Affect Your Blood?

Physical stress (including diet) // Emotional stress // Chemical exposures  // Radiation (cell phone, WiFi) 


Conditions That Can Be Helped

Oxidative stress, Hormonal imbalances, B12 deficient, Anemia, Cholesterol, Parasites, Micro organisms, Heavy metals

Inflammation, Auto immune, IBS, Crohns, Colitis, Leaky Gut 

Appointments or Information

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Diane also works out of Robin's Nest Family Care Clinic in Guelph, visit this site for appointments.


Visit Belmont Natural Health Centre website to book appointments in Kitchener.

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