FAQ About Live Blood Analysis?

Live and Dry Blood Analysis, also known as nutritional microscopy, is the science of qualitative blood analysis for the purpose of evaluating health at the cellular level.   The main objective is to recognize any imbalances within the body, and to find the ideal progression towards health.   Blood Analysis is a great tool for naturopaths, nutritionists and a variety of other complimentary healthcare practitioners.

LIVE BLOOD Analysis is performed by taking one drop of blood through a small finger prick.  The blood sample is immediately viewed using a powerful dark field microscope and a camera that projects the image on the computer screen.  It is then evaluated and explained in detail.  We will work together with your health care team to assist in balancing the blood by offering dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

DRY BLOOD Analysis is performed in conjunction with the live blood analysis.  A drop of blood is placed on a slide in a series of 8 layers and allowed to dry.  The slide is then viewed under a microscope. The results will give additional insights into your health, and illustrates the health of the different organs in the body.  

Dry Blood Cell Analysis & Live Blood Cell Analysis

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